Instituto Micro y Macro tecnologia


The Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN) is a research institute that belongs to the
National Scientific Research Council in Spain (CSIC). Together with IMB (Microelectronics
Institute of Barcelona) and IMS (Microelectronics Institute of Sevilla), IMN integrates the
Microelectronic National Center (CNM). IMN is part of the International Campus of Excellence
(CEI UAM + CSIC), academic and research consortium promoted by the Universidad Autónoma
de Madrid and CSIC.

IMN was founded on February 24, 1994, with Prof. Fernando Briones being its director. On
June 21, 2017 it was renamed the Institute of Micro and Nanotechnology (IMN). Since 2013,
the Director of the institute is Dr. Maria Luisa Dotor. Presently, 72 people work at IMN, having
30 scientist researchers and 19 Ph D students.

Its main objective is the advance in fundamental research and applications in nanoscience and nanotechnology.


IMN is placed in Tres Cantos, concretely, at the Madrid´s
Technological Park (PTM), 7 km away from the “Universidad
Autónoma de Madrid” campus, to which it belongs. Tres
Cantos is a calm town located 20 km north of Madrid and very
close to the “Sierra de Madrid” mountains. It must be noted
that the institute has frequent and convenient communication
with Madrid, as well as with the Barajas airport by train and

Research Lines

IMN carries out its research activities within the general context of nanoscience and
nanotechnology, at the intersection of physics, biology and material science. IMN is also active
in the development of technological processes for implementation in advanced production

Research activity at IMN is mainly organized under the following subjects:

·  Health
·  Energy
· Information and communication technology

IMN is open to the scientific and technological community through the participation in
national and international projects.

Importantly, IMN also offers technological support through its Micro and nanofabrication
service, attending to the most demanding requirements.