The OptoMechanicalSensors Lab was established in 2022, by Dr. Eduardo Gil Santos. The
laboratory belongs to the Devices, Sensors and Biosensors department of the Institute of
Micro and Nanotecnology (IMN-CNM), which is part of the National Scientific Research Council
in Spain (CSIC).


Our research focuses on developing breakthrough technologies based on optomechanical
resonators. Our main goal is to address cutting-edge sensing applications, paying special
attention to biology. We perform a highly multidisciplinary research, which demands
innovative developments in a variety of research fields such as micro- and nano-technology,
optical and mechanical sensing, optomechanics, biology and biophysics, clinical diagnosis, fluid
physics, among many others.


The OptoMechanicalSensors Lab research is funded by both, public and private entities. In the
last years, we have gotten funds from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation, the
National Scientific Research Council in Spain (CSIC), the “Comunidad de Madrid”, the Ramón
Areces Foundation, the BBVA Foundation and the “Fundación General CSIC”.